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cry barley

To call for a truce, typically in a children's game. Don't cry barley now, you wuss! Let's keep playing Red Rover!
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cry for the moon

To make an impractical or unreasonable request, especially one that is unlikely to happen. Oh, you want a later curfew, huh? Well, you're crying for the moon—11 o'clock is late enough!
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cry foul

To protest against something that has happened. A: "How could you go through my things without asking?" B: "Oh, don't cry foul—I was just looking for my sweater and I found it. It's not a big deal." Dad cried foul when I forgot to put gas in his car after borrowing it.
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cry in (one's) beer

To feel sorry for oneself. To bemoan one's fate or life. Don't cry in your beer, man. I know you're bummed about Amanda, but if she broke up with you, she's not the one.
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cry on (one's) shoulder

To bemoan one's problems to someone else. We need to try to cheer Ben up—he's been crying on my shoulder all week. Can I please cry on your shoulder for a little bit? I just found out I failed my Bio exam.
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cry over spilt milk

To be upset over something that cannot be fixed, often something minor. Please calm down, you're just crying over spilt milk. We already submitted the report, so we can't fix it now. A: "Why is Hannah so upset?" B: "Oh, she's just crying over spilt milk. She just fell down and ripped her stockings—she'll be fine."
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cry stinking fish

To undermine one's own efforts. To put oneself down. Primarily heard in UK. A: "And I'm awful at doing reports." B: "Come on, buddy, don't cry stinking fish! You're so talented and have so much to offer the company—don't put yourself down!"
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break down and cry

To cry after losing control of one's emotions, especially after trying not to or after an intense buildup. My mother seems fine now, but I think she'll break down and cry during the funeral.
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When a baby cries for more than an hour daily for no apparent reason, it is important to take him to the doctor as he may be colicky or have some other underlying health issue," says Dr Abdul Rasheed, paediatrician cardiologist, Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai.
He shows that although London Cries are not exact reflections of historical reality, they still provide a unique means of understanding the 'lower orders'.
On your lap: IF your baby cries persistently, you may find that laying him on his tummy across your lap makes him more comfortable.
Thereafter, it offers guidelines on how to treat a child according to his/her cries.
Cries against The System that allows schools to make millions in television, gate, and merchandise revenue; The System that allows coaches to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary, sneaker contracts and summer camps, not to mention bonuses for winning games in the NCAA tournament, while the young men who make it all possible aren't allowed to earn any outside income.
Tomomasa Nagashima of the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, at Muroran Institute of Technology, in Hokkaido and colleagues explain that the fundamental problem in building an emotion detector for baby's crying is that the baby cannot confirm verbally what its cries mean.
British men have not yet caught up with the American male who, on average, cries 1.
Perhaps, then, the miracle of Exodus is not found in the wonder of the Burning Bush or the parting of the Red Sea, but in the fact that these signs reveal a compassionate God who is moved by the suffering and cries of a nation of slaves and who can hear this cry over the din of an empire.
And both the sentinel species issue false-alarm warning cries, Munn reports.
This is a very old ritual, where a girl cries when she leaves her family after marriage.
Hebrew National will then select two of the remaining finalists by the caliber of their audition tape hawker cries, and the last finalist will be chosen for his hawking prowess throughout the duration of the promotion.
For example, both morphine and sucrose infusions increase pain thresholds and reduce distress cries in 10-day-old rats; naltrexone, a substance that blocks opioid receptors and thus interferes with morphine's effects, similarly suppresses sucrose's ability to soothe.
In The Crying Game, Jaye Davidson cries for one man at first: Forest Whitaker.
He probably feels that picking her up when she cries will spoil her, so do explain all this to him.