crib from

crib (something) from (someone)

To copy something from someone; to plagiarize. I only got 100 on that test because I cribbed the answers from my neighbor—I hope no one finds out!
See also: crib

crib something from someone or something

to cheat by copying something from someone or something. It appears that you cribbed this directly from the person sitting next to you.
See also: crib
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To get these products back, Kolcraft and Playskool are doubling the reward for each returned crib from $60 to $120.
celebration This special crib was made in Huddersfield seasonal gift Kim Strickson receives a model crib from Zbigniew Michniowski, of Bielsko-Biala
I asked if I could borrow a crib from Bielsko-Biala's collection for our exhibition and was delighted when I was told that a crib had been specially commissioned as a gift from the town's civic leaders," said Kim Strickson of Kirklees Community History Service.
About one-third of the deaths result from structural failures of the crib from loose, missing, or detached hardware.
SYMBOLS: Maureen Toolan with a crib from Iraq at Christ The King and Our Lady Church's Crib Festival.
Three hundred twenty families who requested and received a crib from the Cribs for Kids campaign in the first eight months of the program were potential participants for this study; however, we targeted a sampling of 150 families to participate in the study.