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creep into

To enter some place stealthily. I'll watch the door while you creep into the lab and steal the poison. That possum must have crept into the basement while the door was open.
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1. n. any unidentified disease. There is some kind of creeping-crud between my toes.
2. n. a repellent person. Willy has become such a creeping-crud since he inherited all that money.
3. n. any nasty, slimy substance. That’s not creeping-crud! That’s pecan pie!
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In addition to the film's on-demand release, Shout Factory TV will release the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode of the classic film, The Creeping Terror, with special bonus material containing the extended trailer of The Creep Behind the Camera and a Q&A session with Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff at Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, California, October 2014.
The presented results reveal the creep behavior of different products of adhesives, most of which were approved or qualified according to the European adhesive tests and classification requirement standards and belonging to three chemically very different adhesive families-one-component moisture curing polyurethane (PU) adhesives and emulsion polymer isocyanate (EPI) compared with the zero to marginally creeping PRF adhesives.
Look for Ground Ivy, Creeping Charlie, Creeping Jenny, Gill-over-the-ground and Robin Runaway and all are referring to the same plant -- Glecoma hederacea.
What we risk is "a creeping sense of irrelevance" in their eyes.
1], M is the mean ratio of the actual strain of the most creeping phase in the test specimen and of the measured strain (see below).
Sugar does not cause diabetes; while your blood sugar levels may be creeping up, drinking juice is not likely the cause.
and Israel, and Palestinian schoolchildren taught that Israel doesn't exist, but the insidious disease of anti- Semitism is once again creeping into the mainstream - and not just in always-on-the-fringe France.
We were surprised to see creeping fig shown in Garden Solutions ("Vertical Gardens," April, page 74).
Now, however, mortgage lenders are beginning to realize that mold's negative effect on their business is creeping into their bottom line.
In my relationship I have noticed a creeping unilateralism.
Using the self-similarity method, indentation of a power law creeping solid was studied by Hill (15), Bow er et al.
In comparison with HFC-14lb, HCF-245fa formulated to the same density offers finer cell structure less pinholing, and less creeping HFC-245fa foam has higher compressive strength (60 psi at pcf density).
It immediately raises the issue of what we mean by socialism, creeping or otherwise.
CREEPING FIBERS ARE MADE of polyethylene under the trade names Fast Flight and Spectra.
If you're looking for all-natural pet bedding, Creeping Jenny's the place.