creep in

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creep in (to something)

to go into something or a place slowly and carefully; to sneak into something or a place. The cat crept into the bedroom. Max planned to creep into the house and take cash and jewelry.
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It was found in all OSB products that relative creep in the parallel direction was much lower than that in the perpendicular direction, because MOE values in the parallel direction were considerably greater than those in the perpendicular direction.
This was because both outdoor temperature and RH fluctuated with higher frequency and magnitude to which creep in PSL was very sensitive.
As seen from Table 5, however, the relative creep values did not comply with this trend, implying that relative creep in PSL is independent of load levels in a certain range.
Under the constant RH and load levels just discussed, the estimated parameters of the four-element model for relative creep in PSL and the corresponding residual sum of squares (SS) and multiple coefficients of determination ([R.
A review of creep in wood: Concepts relevant to development long-term behavior predictions for wood structures.
Creep in chipboard-Part 1: Fitting 3- and 4- element response curves to creep data.
Creep in chipboard Part 2: The use of fitted response curves for comparative and predictive purposes.
Creep in chipboard-part 5: An improved model for prediction of creep deflection.
Average initial elastic deflection, final creep deflection, and relative creep in PSL are summarized in Table 2.
This model has been chosen to represent, with high accuracy, the creep in particleboard (Pierce and Dinwoodie 1977, Pierce et al.
Over the past four decades, research efforts have been devoted to investigating creep in wood and wood composites.