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 (for something)
1. praise or recognition for one's role in something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Especially with a lot of ~, much ~.) Mary should get a lot of credit for the team's success. Each of the team captains should get credit.
2. praise or recognition of someone for having a particular quality. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) We give her a lot of credit for her ability to get people to work out their differences. We will give credit to Sharon for her good humor.
3. credit granted to someone's account for some other financial transaction. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I will give you credit for the returned merchandise. We got credit for the check Brian sent us.
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A's Federal estate tax would be $121,800 before credits.
Yet, according to the Franchise Tax Board, only 3,199 companies claimed hiring credits in 2003 (the most recent statistics available), representing less than 10 percent of potential eligible businesses.
Where both in-state and out-of-state companies are eligible to receive investment tax credits, as in the case here, the Commerce Clause should not preclude such incentives.
Because the Landmark Preservation Commission designated the building as a historic landmark in 1988, the developers of the project received 20% tax credits.
Because current concerns are predominantly centered on revolving credit portfolios, I shall focus my comments on a discussion of credit card lending activities.
Thus, it's no surprise that corporations from virtually every industry--and even the government itself--have invested in these tax credits.
This is similar to the allocation rules in the 2003 proposed regulations, except that the new temporary regulations also provide as a "back-up" rule that, if the group credit exceeds the sum of the member's stand-alone credits, the excess must be allocated by reference to each member's proportionate share of qualified research expenses (QREs) incurred during the credit year (i.
These tax credits can be either used to offset the property owner's tax liability or sold to a tax credit investor in exchange for additional equity capital that can be used for the project's long-term financing.
Two nonrefundable credits are available to homeowners for certain property purchased and improvements made to a primary residence--the nonbusiness energy property (NEP) credit and the residential energy-efficient property (REEP) credit.
Many attractive business credits are available to employers, such as the welfare-to-work credit, work opportunity credit, FICA tip credit, empowerment zone credit and employer-provided childcare credit.
On a dollar-for-dollar basis, the Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits can offset taxes owed.