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credit someone or something with something

1. Lit. to record a payment, deposit, etc., to the account of someone or something. I will credit you with this payment as you request. Your account has been credited with this adjustment.
2. Fig. to give someone or something well-deserved praise for doing something or having something. We have to credit Jeff with saving us a lot of money. We will credit the weather with part of the success of the picnic.
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credit somebody with something

to believe that someone has a particular quality or ability I credited her with more sense than she showed.
See also: credit
References in classic literature ?
In these proceedings, Mr Dennis, who had a gruff voice and lungs of considerable power, distinguished himself very much, and acquired great credit with his two companions.
The Federal Reserve System extends credit with due regard to the basic objectives of monetary policy and the maintenance of a sound and orderly financial system.
Commingling your credit with someone who is a bad credit risk (i.
The interaction of credit with other rating variables requires adjustments.
Two points should be kept in mind about the interplay of the manufacturer's investment credit with the sales tax exemption.
A letter of credit with no discrepancies costs about $250 to $350 per transaction, but if you have discrepancies and amendments, it'll probably cost $600 to $700.
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