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credibility gap

The discrepancy between the lofty promises that a person makes and the resulting action or situation. The politician suffered a credibility gap regarding his claims about the economy's improvement because his constituents were still unable to find work.
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a credibility gap

a difference between what someone says about a situation and what you know or see is true There's a credibility gap developing between me and my builders. This is the third week they've told me they'll finish by Friday.
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credibility gap

Distrust of a public statement or position, as in The current credibility gap at City Hall is the result of miscommunication between the mayor's office and the press . This term originated about 1960 in connection with the American public's disinclination to believe government statements about the Vietnam War. It soon was extended to individuals and corporations as well as government agencies to express a lack of confidence in the truth of their statements, or perception of a discrepancy between words and actions.
See also: credibility, gap
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News on the net: Credibility, selective exposure, and racial prejudice.
The MCI will explore the state of media in Pakistan against six media credibility indicators and 20 sub-indices.
The second dimension of source credibility is trustworthiness.
The researchers placed banners from Google News, which served as a high credibility portal, and the Drudge Report, which served as a low-credibility portal, on the pages.
In this section, we repeat the multivariate credibility model of Englund et al.
This does not question higher probability in cases of independence and individual credibility.
If the central bank does not "surprise" the public with lower-than-expected inflation, then the probability assigned to it being a low-inflation central bank will not change, and it does not gain credibility.
In order to improve our overall credibility, we are going the extra mile in trying to be more open and engaging, more proactive, and preemptive in how we do acquisition business," he said.
Finegan adds, "In the process, we've developed a strong reputation for credibility.
Stealing another's statements is a serious charge than can damage the core of a professor's credibility.
Also, that credibility must be established in the first 120 days.
In order to prepare students to make decisions about these issues for themselves and to influence public policy, all students, not just science majors, need a level of science literacy that will help them evaluate information for relevance and credibility.
While these sites have the potential to save time and money by directly comparing alternatives, consumers still have the task of assessing the credibility of these comparison sites.
My experience provided a great lesson in how action contributes to credibility, and how credibility is critical to effecting change in service to others.