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creature feature

A horror film in which the central focus is on one or more monsters. I miss the creature features of the '50s and '60s—they were so campy and fun, unlike the dull CGI films of today.
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creature of habit

One who prefers the comfort and reliability of routine and habitual behavior. My brother is far too much a creature of habit to be up for something like backpacking across Europe. I know we're told to shuck our routines and live spontaneously, but I'm a creature of habit—it's just easier when you know exactly how each day will pan out.
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creature comforts

Things that one needs in order to feel happy and comfortable. I have a hard time abandoning my creature comforts to go hiking and camping. At a minimum, I need running water!
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crawling with some kind of creature

[of a surface] covered with insects or animals, moving about. The basement was crawling with rats! We came home and found the kitchen floor crawling with ants.
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creature comforts

things that make people comfortable. The hotel room was a bit small, but all the creature comforts were there.
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inject (something) into (someone, something, or some creature)

 and inject (someone, something, or some creature) with (something)
to give a hypodermic injection of something to someone or an animal. The nurse injected the medicine into my arm. He injected a very large dose into the patient.

inject something into something

1. Lit. to squirt something, such as oil, water, etc., into something. The pump injected the oil into the wheel bearings when I squeezed the lever. The mechanic injected a solvent into the lock.
2. Fig. to put something, such as humor, excitement, etc., into a situation. Let's inject a little humor into this dismal affair. She likes to inject a lot of excitement into her books.

leave (someone, something, or some creature) alone

 and let (someone, something, or some creature) alone; leave (someone, something, or some creature) be; let (someone, something, or some creature) be
to stop bothering someone or something. Don't torment the cat. Leave it alone. I don't want your help. Let me alone. Don't argue about it. Let it be!
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*out in the cold

1. Lit. outdoors where it is cold. (*Typically: be ~; keep someone or some creature ~; leave someone or some creature ~; put someone or some creature ~.) Open the door! Let me in! Don't keep me out in the cold! Who left the dog out in the cold all night?
2. Fig. not informed about what is happening or has happened. (*Typically: be ~; keep someone ~; leave someone ~.) Don't keep your supervisor out in the cold. Tell her what's going on. Please don't leave me out in the cold. Share the news with me!
3. Fig. excluded. (*Typically: be ~; keep someone ~; leave someone ~.) There was a party last night, but my friends left me out in the cold. When it came to the final prizes in the dog show, they left our animals out in the cold.
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put some creature out of its misery

to kill an animal in a humane manner. (See also put one out of one's misery.) The vet put that dog with cancer out of its misery. Please, put my sick goldfish out of its misery.
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someone's time has come

 and some creature's time has come
Euph. someone or some creature is about to die. The poor old dog's time has come. My time has come. I'm ready to go.
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creature comfort

Something that contributes to physical comfort, such as food, clothing, or housing. For example, Dean always stayed in the best hotels; he valued his creature comforts. This idiom was first recorded in 1659.
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out in the cold

Excluded from benefits given to others, neglected, as in Her stand on abortion left her out in the cold with the party. This idiom alludes to being left outdoors without shelter. [Mid-1800s] Also see come in from the cold.
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creature comforts

Creature comforts are all the modern sleeping, eating, and washing facilities that make life easy and pleasant. Each room has its own patio or balcony and provides guests with all modern creature comforts. I'm not a camper — I like my creature comforts too much. Note: An old meaning of `creatures' is material comforts, or things that make you feel comfortable.
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creature of habit

a person who follows an unvarying routine.
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a creature of ˈhabit

a person who always does certain things at certain times: My grandfather is a real creature of habit — he likes his meals at the same time every day.
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out in the cold

Lacking benefits given to others; neglected.
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The creaturely world is therefore not simply "outside" God in some way, but creation becomes incorporated into God, so that "He adopts the community of creation as his own milieu.
This need not locate discussion of God in abstraction if the revelation of God in creaturely existence is taken as the foundation and Trinitarian thought is identified as principally a matter of thinking "back" from Christology to the wider doctrine of God.
12) The disturbances of the passions, that is, provide a salutary reminder of our creaturely weakness and thereby restore us to our properly submissive relation to deity.
God empowers the possibility of creaturely cooperation.
At first glance, Edwards's thesis might seem counterintuitive: if God works according to and within the limits of creaturely processes, then how can he insist that God also acts "especially" to redeem the world?
These last lines try to invoke the uniquely human ability to reflect on our creaturely status without attempting to transcend it, a notion Collins elucidates in a piece of autobiographical prose called "Parts Of An Argument": "What is so great about being in life though, is that you can lie down and breathe as a mammal in time, and I enjoy that.
Rather than a collection of essays, Creaturely would be more accurately described as an extended meditation in chapters, in the tradition of Gass's On Being Blue.
Our human perspective of the mushrooms is also distorted by visual perspective and by popular perception: 'web-throated, stalked like triffids, racked by drought/And insomnia' renders the vegetation creaturely in the manner of horror narratives (p.
Gairdner adds a wealth of detailed evidence to Lewis's laconic exposition and offers an updated and expanded account of the fundamental absolutes of human nature and the realities of our creaturely existence.
The 'conversation Barrett lets us overhear counterpoints to these Balthasarian motifs themes of creaturely need, the imperative of duty, the transcendent divine hiddenness, the horror of the Cross, the Christian life as struggle.
Baur's interstitial personality profiles of individual rescued animals (Hilda, Maya, Cinci Freedom, and the huggable lot) are heartfelt and true to his philosophy of elevating creaturely dignity, but they're pretty cloying all the same.
Aquinas maintained consistently throughout his career that God is inescapably mysterious to the human intellect, since our frame of reference remains the creaturely mode of existence, which bears only an analogical resemblance to the divine mode of being.
Philosophers, he says, "would not have strayed from the truth" had they "discussed only what creaturely knowledge has revealed about God and nature" (13).
In the sarcastically titled "Best-Case Scenario," the speaker reasons, "Because we have not died yet of hope,/nor its opposite, we remain here among/these creaturely feelings .
But I would suggest that these are simply the marks of an appropriate creaturely status, that a fuller appreciation of them, in our time, especially, can encourage us to rely on Divine mercy more than our own artifacts, and that all a reasonable confidence in outcomes of inquiry and dialogue requires is the conviction that God is a God of truth.