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create a scene

To create a loud, typically angry disturbance or display in public, such that it draws attention to those involved. Robert created a scene in the store when they refused to refund him for the broken television. My parents always create a scene with their fighting wherever we go.
See also: create, scene

cause a stir

To incite trouble or excitement. My best friend's pink hair caused quite a stir at our very strict school. This band has caused a stir with teenagers all across the nation—screaming fans greet them everywhere they go!
See also: cause, stir

create a stink

To be very vocal in one's displeasure about something; to make a scene. My mom created a stink when the store refused to accept her return without a receipt.
See also: create, stink

create an uproar

To create a noisy or chaotic situation; to make a scene. The judge had to bang her gavel to quiet the gallery after a spectator created an uproar by yelling obscenities.
See also: create, uproar

cause (quite) a stir

 and cause a commotion
to cause people to become agitated; to cause trouble in a group of people; to shock or alarm people. When Bob appeared without jacket and tie, it caused a stir at the state dinner. The dog ran through the church and caused quite a commotion.
See also: cause, stir

create a stink (about something)

 and make a stink (about something); raise a stink (about something)
Fig. to make a major issue out of something; to make much over something; to make a lot of complaints and criticisms about something. Tom created a stink about Bob's remarks. Why did he make a stink about that? Tom is always trying to raise a stink.
See also: create, stink

create an uproar

 and make an uproar
to cause an outburst or sensation. The dog got into church and made an uproar. Her poodle created an uproar in the restaurant.
See also: create, uproar

make a scene

 and create a scene
Fig. to make a public display or disturbance. When John found a fly in his drink, he started to create a scene. Oh, John, please don't make a scene. Just forget about it.
See also: make, scene

make a scene

to be loud and rude with other people or in public My father made a scene, then raced upstairs, slamming the door so hard that the window broke.
See also: make, scene

cause a stir

also create a stir
to cause unusual interest or excitement Rufus was arguing with his older daughter about her boyfriend, and it caused a stir in the family.
Usage notes: often used with quite for emphasis: Her latest novel has created quite a stir.
See also: cause, stir

cause/create a stir

to cause a lot of interest and excitement Emma caused quite a stir in her little black dress last night.
See also: cause, stir

make a scene

Also, create a scene; make an uproar. Make a public disturbance or excited emotional display. For example, Joan made a scene when the restaurant lost her dinner reservation, or Ted made an uproar over losing his luggage. Make a scene was first recorded in 1831; the variant employs uproar in the sense of "a noisy commotion," a usage first recorded in 1548.
See also: make, scene
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