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crease up

To become creased or wrinkled, as of clothing. After sitting for so long in my suit, the pants are starting to crease up.
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crease something up

to get creases or folds into something that is supposed to be flat; to wrinkle one's clothing. (Very similar to messed up.) You will crease your jacket up if you don't sit up straight. I was sitting so long that I creased up my pants.
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mod. exhausted. What a day. I am totally creased.
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Ms Creasy went on to say she was proud to see male MPs in the chamber speaking on the subject as men had a "vital role to play" in addressing things such as violence against women.
Thankfully, Creasy, who fights many good fights, is no longer one of them.
Prosecutor Alison Morgan said the messages had had a "substantial" effect on Ms Creasy, who felt "increasing concern that individuals were seeking not only to cause her distress but also to cause her real harm which led her to fear for her own safety".
I'm no fanboy of Stella Creasy, or an especially active advocate of feminism (which is what sparked off the whole affair in the first place), but it's clear to those with any sense that nothing she or Ms Criado-Perez said deserved the response they got.
Creasy retweeted some of the messages she had received on the site, warning internet "trolls" that she would be coming for them.
They grow everywhere in this part of the South (along with creasy greens--yum
Creasy said it was time for women of her generation to 'pick up where our mothers' generation left off' and that sometimes it was as if feminism had taken a 'step back', it added.
Creasy is professor emeritus with the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Texas School of Medicine-Houston.
Creasy grows beans against a wire fence to create a living screen.
GROWING A LAWN, spraying it with valuable water so it will grow taller, cutting it down with a gas-driven mower, and carting trimmings off to the dump where it will create a disposal problem doesn't make sense to author Rosalind Creasy.
Current CEO EDWARD CREASY has been named chairman of Kiln Group.
Rosalind Creasy is a renowned gardening authority and the author of the acclaimed instruction guide "The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping".
Cornell researcher LeRoy Creasy found that thin-skinned Pinot Noir grown in moist, cool climates produces the most resveratrol.
99)Former CIA counter-terrorist operative John Creasy (Washington) moves to Mexico City to work as a private bodyguard for industrialist Samuel Ramos (Anthony) and his wife Lisa (Mitchell), protecting their precocious nineyear-old daughter Pita (Fanning).
FORMER CIA counterterrorist operative John Creasy (Denzel Washington) follows the advice of his trusted friend Rayburn (Christopher Walken) and moves to Mexico City to work as a private bodyguard.