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crease something up

to get creases or folds into something that is supposed to be flat; to wrinkle one's clothing. (Very similar to messed up.) You will crease your jacket up if you don't sit up straight. I was sitting so long that I creased up my pants.
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mod. exhausted. What a day. I am totally creased.
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Drainage features such as channels and ridges represent creases in landscape illustrations and can be extracted from DEMs in several ways.
The court held, inter alia, that the defendants' expert medical witnesses' testimony that simian creases on the baby's hands were evidence of a prenatal injury as opposed to anything that occurred during delivery.
Origami crease patterns for Eupatorus gracilicornis, opus 476 (above).
To further set the record straight, we called and talked to the chief of the Air Force Uniform and Recognition Programs Branch to ask about the creases.
High quality jersey fabric is also crease-resistant and any creases in the fabric will simply drop out once it's hung-up.
Steam is used in irons to penetrate fibers and knock out creases in fabric.
These creases begin to develop before you are even born .
The Karapandzic technique involves the creation of circumoral incisions involving the nasolabial and mental creases (figure 2).
Vertical LED taillights, stacked headlights and an egg crate grille became Cadillac's heritage cues, and were combined with lean forms intersected by sharp creases.
6 From the end of the head measure about 2 inches and, while keeping the paper folded, cut diagonal slits from the top fold to the creases where the sides were folded in.
For most of us, the palm of the hand usually has two long creases, one above the other.
Uniforms for Inspectors and Apprentices include black trousers with stitched front and back creases, short and long sleeve gray shirts with shoulder epaulets and military creases, gray neckties, a black gamison belt, and a black baseball cap with "HPD Code Enforcement" embroidered in gold letters.
Reading the code is simply a matter of ignoring most of what is on the page and only reading down the sides of the creases.
Demaine and his collaborators started with the one-dimensional case of the folding problem: When is it possible to refold a line segment, which had been creased upward in mountain creases and downward in valley creases, into a compact configuration resembling the cross section of a neatly folded map?
She uses small metal tools to create the creases in the crown, or those ``waves'' on the side of a cloche.