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crease up

To become creased or wrinkled, as of clothing. After sitting for so long in my suit, the pants are starting to crease up.
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crease something up

to get creases or folds into something that is supposed to be flat; to wrinkle one's clothing. (Very similar to messed up.) You will crease your jacket up if you don't sit up straight. I was sitting so long that I creased up my pants.
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mod. exhausted. What a day. I am totally creased.
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Creaser was a United States Army veteran of World War II.
Creaser explains that in the process of researching the most effective form of dust collector, he realized that the only type that would enable us to work with a variety of metals without having a separate booth for each type of material was a wet booth.
25) Sharon Creaser, who argues that the play emphasizes the public ramifications of Anne's private act, reads Anne's question not as a sign of her continuing fear that her face may reveal her guilt but as an indication of her desire to be a public exemplum and for others to see her guilt in her face (293).
Not many would place a stanzaic poem such as Spenser's Faerie Queene or even Pope's heroic-couplet lliad above it as ah epic, perhaps because the epic is generally thought to be a sublime form, its nature wild and transcendent rather than symmetrical (Moore 3-4; Creaser 2).
Claire Creaser, author of the Annual Library Statistics report, said: "A potential crisis is looming for library services.
The anti-bias approach and associated experiences (Derman Sparks 1989, Creaser & Dau 1996, Dau, 2001) has demonstrated that young children are able to engage in critical thinking around issues of race, gender and ability.
Creaser CS, Feely SJ, Houghton E, Seymour M, Teale P.
In America, model Irina Creaser, 34, loves Barbie so much that she not only collects her, she's proud to look like her.
M Battye and F Creaser, erection of single storey |rear and two storey side extensions with rooms in roofspace and internal alterations, The Shielings, 48 Carr Hill Road, Upper Cumberworth.
Stanley Creaser, the former postmaster at the Richards' local Post Office, said he got to know the couple on first-name terms.
The court heard the statement of Sergeant Michael Goddard, who was in the control box, included a description of Superintendent Bernard Murray telling Chief Inspector Robert Creaser that fans would "find their own level" in the pens.
The panel, chaired by Claire Creaser, Director LISU, Loughborough University, has been tasked by the Minister for Culture and Sport, John Griffiths to review local authorities delivery plans for public library services across Wales.
They are the clearly the stuff of science fiction novels, which may be one reason why Unity College students are flocking to help Associate Professor of Marine Biology Emma Creaser with her research.
Gill Amos, Active Development; Cheryl Creaser, Busy Bees; Julie Boulton, Busy Bees
Is there a further connection here not merely with the breaking down of boundaries between subject and object, "I" and "Thou," but also with the "liberty" that John Creaser sees dramatized in the texture of the verse--that is to say the combination of the highly disciplined (regular couplet rhymes, highly formed, regular stanzas) and the relatively liberal: frequent deviation from regular stress patterns, but never so much to endanger the metrical shape of the whole?