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The defense attorneys to portray Teddy as crazier than a shithouse rat on mescaline.
Often the crazier ideas turn out to be not only the most workable, but also the most attractive for both public participation and press coverage.
Dippy is the familiar comical movie psychiatrist--the one who is crazier or more foolish than his patients,' says Schneider.
We didn't expect the craziness that was there and when we did the 'Ed Sullivan Show' it got even crazier.
In a new tell-all book, 'Melissa Explains It All', the teen television star opened up about some of her crazier accounts, which involves a time she took ecstasy at a Hugh Hefner fete, made out with a girl in the limo ride home, and made it to a 'Maxim' cover photo shoot while still high the next morning, the New York Daily News reported.
Andy Halliday I'VE never seen a crazier last 5 minutes to a game than that.
Summary: The rumours surrounding Katy Perry's wedding are getting crazier by the day, but don't expect her to set the record straight anytime soon.
First round: J Crazier (Linthwaite Hall) and S Gibson (Broad Oak) 21 J Brook (Golcar Lib) and B Sanderson (Almondbury BC) 6, E Hirst (Almondbury BC) and J Thompson (Thorpe Green) 17 S Ladbrooke (Marsh Utd) and C Kaye (Cowcliffe) 21, S Smith (Marsh Lib) and M Wimpenny (Almondbury BC) 21 P Hopkins (Syngenta) and B Hirst (Almondbury BC) 20, A Hinchliffe (Broad Oak) and J Sykes (Milnsbridge BC) 21 H Dyson (Almondbury BC) and K Cockcroft (Meltham) 17.
That doesn't mean we won't explore really crazy ideas on the next albums, or do something even crazier.
A IT was madness back then and it's even crazier now to even think about approaching this girl.
These films are a supposed celebration of his hazier, crazier years with Johnny Depp and Bill Murray respectively over-acting like mad playing the self styled doctor of journalism on assignment.
An overbearing friend drags a woman in a wheelchair to a singles club where things get crazier and crazier as the night goes on.
It seemed like a crazy thing for any innocent man to do - and an even crazier thing for a suffering family to do.
Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez, director of the government-backed Eva Peron National Historical Research Institute and Evita's great niece, adds: "Everyone said we were crazy but, luckily, we had someone even crazier as our role model.
FOOTIE fans don't come any crazier than Cardiff City's army of Barmy Bluebirds - like super supporters Darren and Kathryn Davies.