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stick in (one's) craw

To rankle or irritate someone. It really sticks in my craw that he would lie and take all the credit for my idea!
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have (something) stick in one's craw

Fig. to have something irritate or displease someone. I don't like to have someone's words stick in my craw. He meant to have the problem stick in my craw and upset me.
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stick in one's craw

Also, stick in one's throat.
1. Be unable to say something, as in I meant to apologize but the words stuck in my craw. [Early 1600s]
2. Be so offensive that one can't tolerate it, as in That obscene art exhibit stuck in my throat. [Late 1600s]
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stick in your craw


stick in the craw

If something sticks in your craw or sticks in the craw, you cannot accept it because it upsets you or you think it is wrong. What really sticks in my craw is the way the competition ended. There are those for whom Lapierre's appetite for self-publicity sticks in the craw.
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stick in your craw

make you angry or irritated.
Literally, this phrase means ‘stick in your throat’. A craw is the crop of a bird or insect; the transferred sense of the word to refer to a person's gullet, originally humorous, is now almost entirely confined to this expression. Compare with stick in your gizzard (at gizzard).
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stick in your ˈthroat/ˈcraw/ˈgullet

(informal) if something sticks in your throat, it is difficult or impossible to agree with or accept: It really sticks in my throat that I get paid less than the others for doing the same job.
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stick in (one's) craw

To cause one to feel abiding discontent and resentment.
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Craw says the workshop format, with its emphasis on the practical application of NPD methods, allows firms to "learn and adapt inspiration and ideas" from other sectors of the food industry and apply them to their own needs.
The Government, in the form of the Secretary of State for Defence, has consistently refused to increase the payment made to Mr and Mrs Craw to bring them into line.
I personally visited the US F1 Team in August, as well as this week, and I am impressed with the progress made by the organisation since the Concorde Agreement was signed in late July," said Craw.
Family, friends, neighbours and fellow soldiers came to pay their respects at the funeral of 21-year-old Lance Corporal Andrew James Craw.
Nevertheless, the mere notion of a tax reduction is anathema to the spending lobby, and the successful car tax cut has stuck in its craw ever since.
McEvoy will stay at the Quandt Avenue location and may even bring in a fourth physician at that location, says Joel Craw, the clinic's executive director.
She is herself most famous as that character who sticks in America's craw.
Simon Craw to implement the integrated process of oocyte donation and processing in coordination with the IVF clinics and under proper regulatory and medical oversight.
It's that unhappy childhood memory that sticks in my craw.
Lance Corporal Andrew Craw was a "skilled and proficient gunner" who must have believed his gun - a new Minimi light machine gun he was being trained on at a range near Basra - was unloaded when he attempted to clear a blockage on January 7, 2004.
What stuck in my craw was Prudent Gordon's attempt to increase the length of the economic cycle in a bid to make the national books balance.
Lance Corporal Andrew Craw of the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, had only arrived in Iraq on Monday to begin a six-month tour of duty with his battalion after recently being promoted.
WHILE I don't wish anyone dead, it's sticking in my craw to hear Denis Thatcher canonised and portrayed as a golf- playing, gin-swilling, gentle old duffer.
What really sticks in the craw of West Midlands folk, though, is the realisation that the Wembley and Birmingham schemes never were considered on an equal basis.