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bring something crashing down (around one)

1. Lit. to cause a structure to collapse and fall (on oneself). He hit the tent pole and brought the tent crashing down. When she removed the last vertical board, she brought the shed crashing down around her.
2. Fig. to destroy something, such as one's life and well-being, that one has a special interest in; to cause someone's basic orientation to collapse. She brought her whole life crashing down around her.
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your whole world came crashing down around you

  also your whole world (was) turned upside down
if your whole world comes crashing down around you, something unpleasant happens in your life that suddenly makes you feel very upset or confused Suddenly they weren't popular any more, nobody wanted to buy their records, and their whole world came crashing down around them. When I found out he'd had an affair, my whole world turned upside down.
See set the world on fire, think the world of
References in classic literature ?
Thus masterfully did he go about among the host, and the people hurried back to the council from their tents and ships with a sound as the thunder of surf when it comes crashing down upon the shore, and all the sea is in an uproar.
Again and again he missed his writhing and struggling victim, but though puffing and panting with his exertions, he still continued them; and after striking a sufficient number of blows to have demolished an entire drove of oxen, with one crashing stroke he laid him dead at his feet.
He'll be all over the township in a minute if we don't head him," said Penfentenyou, leaping to his feet, and crashing into the garden.
But the best fun was when the boys were put on the wheel together, Tom Platt within hail, and she cuddled her lee-rail down to the crashing blue, and kept a little home-made rainbow arching unbroken over her windlass.
At the same moment there rose from the house a rending, crashing sound of woodwork, broken or thrown about, mixed with a quick scream so appalling that Adam, stout of heart as he undoubtedly was, felt his blood turn into ice.
One part of it dispersed and waded knee-deep through the snow into a birch forest to the right of the village, and immediately the sound of axes and swords, the crashing of branches, and merry voices could be heard from there.
At the sound of the breaking limb and the crashing body falling through the branches the startled blacks scurried to their huts for weapons, and when the braver of them emerged, they saw the still form of an almost naked white man lying where he had fallen.
Almost immediately there was a crashing of the underbrush close at hand, and the long, lithe body of his strange companion broke into view.
A great elm tree fell crashing into the railings close by his side.
The schooner, in a dead calm, was rolling over the huge, smooth seas, her boom sheets and tackles crashing to the hollow thunder of her great sails, when Simon Nishikanta put a bullet into the body of the little whale calf.