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According to the New Oxford America, Dictionary, the primary meaning of crap is "something that is of extremely poor quality.
As only an occasional gambler, I'm usually intimidated from playing relatively complicated games such as craps (where wrong moves can bring down the wrath of pit bosses and fellow gamblers alike) and from staying at blackjack tables as the minimum bets rise over the course of an evening.
5 of "My Craps Game" is now compatible with both the standard iPad (1 & 2) and compatible with the "New" iPad (3) "Retina" format.
Because it requires little equipment, street craps can be played in informal settings.
A player can place a "7 Point 7" bet on the Craps table right before the come-out roll.
1) Harold Gould, Sonja Alarr and Laura James perform a scene from ``Shooitng Craps.
But Buchbinder said Weprin was an excellent gambler because "he knew how to handle money at the craps table.
LAS VEGAS -- As a good will, introductory price, "My Craps Game" for iPad will be FREE through the end of January 2011.
31 shooting of Palmdale resident Mac Arthur, 30, who was wounded after he and the suspect argued over a game of craps, officials said.
The Republican National Convention delegates and media will experience the thrills and excitement of Atlantic City with a roll of the dice on what is believed to be the world's largest craps table Wednesday, August 2, 11:30 a.
LAS VEGAS -- Fire Bet, the gaming industry's most popular craps side bet, is now available for Craps No More, a variation of the traditional craps game that is becoming increasingly popular at many U.
31 shooting of Palmdale resident Mac Arthur, 30, who was shot in the parking area of his apartment building after an argument over a craps game.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Craps players no longer have to stand for being uncomfortable thanks to a new, miniature craps table soon to debut at Harrah's Atlantic City.
the creators of Fire Bet, the industry's most popular craps side wager, has made available a new pay table, in addition to its existing pay tables, for its patented Fire Bet side wager.