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Winter activities like snowshoeing, dogsledding, skiing, and tubing have been the traditional cures for cabin fever--that subdued feeling of crankiness brought on by too little sun and too much winter eating.
In short, the bad economy must have put voters in a foul mood, and since we all know people are motivated solely by how much money they are--or aren't--making, the soon-to-be-dawning recovery will cure them of their crankiness.
He said sugar upsets the mineral relationships in the body while it can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children.
No parental crankiness like the pair in Tuesday's Mitchell & Webb show.
There is a noticeable increase in crankiness," Antelope Valley Courthouse Supervising Judge Thomas White said in the report.
In the process he saves Grant from the accusation of mere Tory crankiness or pessimism.
Teething symptoms, quite pronounced, included crankiness, whining, and interrupted sleep.
As with Cezanne, the epiphanic luminosity of the artistic work frequently stood in stark contrast to the crankiness of the artist's personality).
I know what the antidote for all this restlessness and crankiness is.
Fin is 14, newly transplanted to Florida, reeling from the recent divorce of her parents, her father's disappearance from her life and her mother's subsequent crankiness and eccentricities.
My fretting and crankiness stopped when I asked for help.
Eliot stand out, as Yeats, whom Lewis found frightening, had earlier), and some crankiness.
He writes simply and frankly about his feelings and his physical and mental condition: "fatigue, depression, insomnia, futility, crankiness, dizziness, all growing worse.
Only a few entries near the end provide a sense of Staebler as an interesting, witty conversationalist whose crankiness about being a public figure is fun to read.