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brain cramp

A momentary mental lapse in attention, memory, understanding, care, or competence. Sorry boss, I just had a little brain cramp there. What were you saying again? Jack, having a bit of a brain cramp, accidentally sawed the beam completely in two.
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cramp (one's) style

To inhibit or interfere with what one wants to do. Ugh, having a test on Monday is really cramping my style. I just want to party all weekend! My parents coming to stay with me this weekend is totally going to cramp my style. When am I supposed to get anything done?
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cramp someone's style

Fig. to limit someone in some way. I hope this doesn't cramp your style, but could you please not hum while you work? To ask Bob to keep regular hours would really be cramping his style.
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cramp someone's style

Restrict or prevent someone from free action or expression, as in It really cramps my style when Mom hovers around me while I'm making dinner. Although in 1819 Charles Lamb complained that using different inks cramped his style of writing, the present sense of this colloquial term dates only from the early 1900s.
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cramp someone's style

If someone or something cramps your style, they prevent you from behaving freely in the way that you want. You two relax and celebrate on your own. You don't want us oldies cramping your style. Like more and more women with good jobs, independent spirits and high standards, she believes marriage would cramp her style.
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cramp someone's style

prevent a person from acting freely or naturally. informal
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cramp somebody’s ˈstyle

prevent somebody from doing something freely, or living as they want: She thinks that being seen with her parents cramps her style.Are you sure you don’t mind me coming along? I’d hate to cramp your style!
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cramp up

1. To suffer muscle cramps: I cramped up while swimming today.
2. To cause someone or something to suffer muscle cramps: That lousy meal cramped me up.
3. To squeeze something tightly into a restrictive space or position: There are too many subjects cramped up together under the same heading. I was cramped up in the back seat of a compact car for hours.
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cramp (one's) style

To restrict or prevent from free action or expression.
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writer's cramp

A painful spasm in the hand that restricts the ability to use a pen or pencil. Back in the Paleozoic Era when people wrote by hand instead of typewriters and then computers (you youngsters can ask your parents or grandparents if you don't believe me), excessive use of a pen or pencil would cause a person's hand to tense up or go into a spasm that made further writing painful or impossible or both. The condition wasn't called “repetitive stress syndrome” back then. It was “writer's cramp,” and that was no excuse for the schoolroom punishment of being made to write “I will not talk in class” one hundred times on the blackboard.
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Some evidence from clinical trials supports the common practice of using quinine for leg cramps in patients without CKD or in those receiving dialysis.
The muscle cramp could also be from not getting enough fluids or not warming up before exercising.
If you feel a cramp coming on, listen to your body.
Quinidine has been the treatment of choice for limb cramps for years,[3,8] but does not appear to be very effective for noncardiac chest pain.
Your doctor may want to rule out other problems, so notice when, how often, and for how long the cramps occur.
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