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by cracky

An exclamation of surprise or praise. You studied hard, and, by cracky, you got an A! Isn't it funny how that works? By cracky, we've solved the mystery!
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By cracky!

Rur. By God! (A mild oath, often used to express surprise or approval.) Jim said he'd get the whole house painted this weekend, and by cracky, that's just what he did. By cracky! That thunder sure was loud.

by Jove

Also, by cracky. Used to express surprise or emphasis. For example, By Jove, I was glad to see her, or It was a great day, by cracky. These mild oaths are euphemisms, the first for "by Jesus" or "by God" (Jove is another name for Jupiter, the principal Roman god), and the folksy variant by cracky for "by Christ." Both idioms may be dying out.

by Jove

Used as a mild oath to express surprise or emphasis.