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Ember Mae fears she'll crack under the strain and bring their world crashing down around them.
But Shiels reckons Hibs could crack under the strain of trying to end a Scottish Cup hoodoo that stretches back to 1902.
Could they crack under the strain in the manner Bothroyd and Co did a year ago?
haye has never headlined in front of such a huge crowd, and Klitschko wonders if the WBA champ will crack under the strain.
or write 48, Old Liverpool He predicted the Con-Lib coalition would crack under the strain, rather than last five years, pointing to yesterday's embarrassment, when Nick Clegg - to Tory horror - called the Iraq invasion "illegal".
And many are tipping the Irish to crack under the strain and miss out on glory, while coach Kidney has himself been trying to dampen down talk of a Slam.
I just want to see us get right at Sunderland from the first whistle, and give them so much to handle that, even if they manage for a while, they crack under the strain The fans at Liverpool deserve that from their team now.
It would have been easy for Sue to crack under the strain of the tragic problems she faced with her daughters.
Many good people and well-intentioned leaders simply are not equipped to handle the pressure and crack under the strain.
SALTIRES coach Peter Drinnen admits he'll need to cure his side's jitters before they crack under the strain of the big occasion.
The end result could put more financial burdens on the council if carers crack under the strain.
AMIR KHAN has vowed he won't crack under the strain of being Britain's brightest boxing hope.
The constant stream of HGVs entering the site is destroying local pavements on Aston Lane and Brookvale Road as they crack under the strain of the heavy loads.
Manchester United captain Roy Keane is determined to keep the heat on Chelsea in the hope they might crack under the strain.
Harry's wife and son have to step in and take control as he starts to crack under the strain.