crack the door

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crack the door (open)

 and crack the window (open)
to open the door or window a very small amount. I cracked open the door to peek out. Just crack the window a bit to let some air inside.
See also: crack, door
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Open an air vent or crack the window for some fresh air,
A subsequent version of events reported that he simply placed his bat in a corner, only for another one to bounce up and crack the window.
Crack the window, lower the sound of the radio and the heater, and hang up the cell phone.
Albert said: "It must have been a powerful air gun to have sent the pellet fast enough to crack the window.
I crack the window for a fresh breath of southwestern Virginia air and hear music beyond the wind and the butterflies.
Good sport Lachey responds with a zing of his own: "Jessica is smart enough to crack the window herself.
There was a lot of smoke and the heat was so intense they had to crack the windows to stop them exploding.
Slide onto the blocks in the vehicle, and crack the windows just a little.
If you must leave your animal in the car briefly, remember to slightly crack the windows for fresh air and keep your car locked.
It is not possible to crack the windows enough to cool down the dog without letting it out of the car," said Tams.