crack the door

crack the door (open)

 and crack the window (open)
to open the door or window a very small amount. I cracked open the door to peek out. Just crack the window a bit to let some air inside.
See also: crack, door
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We haven't seen our guys crack the door open for a team like we did in a long time," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said.
Conservatives' anger was piqued last summer when the denomination voted to crack the door open for gay clergy and include more gender-inclusive language when discussing the Trinity.
We will do our part to crack the door open a little more," Block said.
Players crack the door to get into the lineup all the time,'' manager Mike Scioscia said.
Unable to crack the doors of Cooperstown in the past despite reaching the magic mark of 300 wins, Sutton and Niekro get another chance Monday in the annual Hall of Fame election.