crack down

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crack down (on someone or something)

to put limits on someone or something; to become strict about enforcing rules about someone or something. The police cracked down on the street gangs. They cracked down once last year too.
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crack down (on somebody/something)

to take strong action to stop something bad from continuing The university is taking steps to crack down on underage drinking on campus. Countries that used to ignore terrorist groups in their midst are starting to crack down.
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crack down

Act more forcefully to regulate, repress, or restrain. For example, The police cracked down on speeding. [1930s]
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crack down

1. To increase the intensity or severity involved in preventing or regulating something: The police are cracking down on drunk driving and issuing stiffer penalties. The police cracked down after the murder last week.
2. To increase the intensity or severity involved in punishing or repressing someone: The government has cracked down on protesters.
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The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is said to be planning to make rules that will crack down on mortgage servicers' use of force-placed insurance, also called lender-placed insurance.
BEIRUT: The police have been ordered to crack down on motorbike riders who fail to respect safety standards.
The day, part of an intiative by 28 police forces nationwide, will employ overt tactics at various locations in an attempt to crack down on offenders and on those accepting stolen goods.
That's why I'm calling on the police in Coventry to crack down on those people who use fireworks to terrorise others.
Carl Deeley, Lancaster Assistant City Manager Mark Bozigian and Assistant Fire Chief Mark Bennett address members of the media during a meeting at City Hall on Monday to discuss a proposed law designed to crack down on the illegal use of fireworks.
Tayside Chief Constable John Vine yesterday said the police presence throughout the region would be visibly heightened in a bid to crack down on car crime in particular.
GOVERNMENT plans to crack down on cowboy hauliers who run dangerous trucks have been shelved - because of lack of Parliamentary time.
QUETTA, April 09, 2011 (Frontier Star): At least twelve suspicious persons were taken into custody in massive crack down against anti state elements following Thursday night suicide blast.
KARACHI, November 03, 2010 (Balochistan Times): During a crack down of the CID police Karachi, Commander Tehreek-e-Taliban Swat Yousaf aka Qari has been arrested and heavy arms recovered from his possession.
Global Banking News-6 July 2010-US authorities might crack down on US citizens having Asian accounts with HSBC(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Officers will also be holding a number of advice clinics and presentations in schools to crack down on these groups.
POLICE in Solihull have launched a zero tolerance operation to crack down on robberies across the borough.
POLICE powers enabling officers to crack down on rowdy behaviour among groups of drinkers in Rugby town centre have been hailed a success.
and other jurisdictions fight the bandit tow-truck companies, the state Assembly has passed legislation to help crack down.
LABOUR has vowed to crack down on airgun crime after the tragic death of a Scots toddler.