try at

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*try at someone

 and *shot at someone; *crack at someone; *go at someone *stab at someone
an attempt to convince someone of something; an attempt to try to get information out of someone; an attempt to try to train someone to do something. (The expressions with shot and crack are more informal than the main entry phrase. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Let me have a crack at him. I can make him talk. Let the new teacher have a try at Billy. She can do marvels with unwilling learners. Give me a crack at him. I know how to make these bums talk.
See also: try

*try at something

 and *shot at something; *crack at something; *go at something; *stab at something; *whack at something
to take a turn at trying to do something. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) All of us wanted to have a try at the prize-winning shot. Let Sally have a shot at it. If you let me have a crack at it, maybe I can be successful.
See also: try
References in classic literature ?
A quarter of an hour later I was rushing up and down the room in frenzied impatience, from minute to minute I went up to the screen and peeped through the crack at Liza.
The Esterene program in California is now banned, but Siegel located 175 people in the Los Angeles area who concocted crack at home for a variety of reasons.
In contrast, the edges of the S-EB-S TPE strips did not crack at either ozone exposure level.
the initiation of a crack at a surface that has either residual tensile stresses (possibly produced by machining operations), or applied tensile stresses (as in external forces produced by gear tooth loading);
The company decided to initiate the recall after an analysis of tires returned for adjustment showed a design-related issue that could result in surface crack at the edge of the tread and shoulder.
If scientists pour molten iron into a narrow crack at least 300 meters deep, the pressure at the bottom of the fissure would be enough to fracture the rock there, Stephenson says.