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crab mentality

A negative, selfish mentality characterized by a preference for others not to get ahead of or do better than oneself. It alludes to a phenomenon of a group of crabs in a pot, in which an escaping crab is pulled back down by the others so that none escape in the end. She dreamt of going to college and beginning a better life, but her parents' and friends' crab mentality constantly discouraged her from leaving the sordid life in which they were entrenched.
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n. a louse. (Usually plural.) He’s scratching like he’s got crabs.

catch a crab

To make a faulty stroke in rowing that causes the blade of the oar to strike the water on the recovery stroke.
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References in classic literature ?
The Princess in her fright exclaimed, 'That is the Crab himself
So long as neither of us could prove we were right we quite enjoyed the dispute; but now I can never drink at that pool again without the soft-shell crab laughing at me.
shouted the crab, as loudly as his little voice would carry.
Then the zebra trotted back to the forest, bearing the crab with him, and disappeared amid the gloom of the trees.
The term mud crab is actually a generic term that refers to about 25 different kinds of morphologically similar crabs in the family Panopeidae.
Similarly, newly settled Tanner crabs are not effectively sampled by conventional sampling gears, and there is a dearth of information on their habitat preferences and early ecology.
Restaurant offers in-season crab, caught off the Alaskan coast, for a limited time
He says that on Nov 18, a sea of red crabs started heading down to the ocean after a late afternoon downpour.
The farm ministry ordered two major Japanese food producers Friday to correct their false food product labels disguising red queen crabs used as an ingredient as the far more valuable queen crabs and to work out measures to prevent such a practice that violates the Japan Agricultural Standards Law.
The null hypothesis that blue crabs which enter typical commercial-style baited traps are random draws from populations with equal sex ratios and physical characteristics was evaluated.
I have had cheesy baked crabs at many places a" the cheesiest of them being in Sri Lanka a" but you can actually taste crab meat in the Baked Crab at SetZ.
All the baskets had lids except the basket containing crabs from India.
In the wild, hermit crabs live in large groups called colonies.