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crab mentality

A negative, selfish mentality characterized by a preference for others not to get ahead of or do better than oneself. It alludes to a phenomenon of a group of crabs in a pot, in which an escaping crab is pulled back down by the others so that none escape in the end. She dreamt of going to college and beginning a better life, but her parents' and friends' crab mentality constantly discouraged her from leaving the sordid life in which they were entrenched.
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n. a louse. (Usually plural.) He’s scratching like he’s got crabs.

catch a crab

To make a faulty stroke in rowing that causes the blade of the oar to strike the water on the recovery stroke.
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The Princess in her fright exclaimed, 'That is the Crab himself
The crab began laughing again, which so provoked the zebra that he tried to shake the little creature off.
So long as neither of us could prove we were right we quite enjoyed the dispute; but now I can never drink at that pool again without the soft-shell crab laughing at me.
shouted the crab, as loudly as his little voice would carry.
Then the zebra trotted back to the forest, bearing the crab with him, and disappeared amid the gloom of the trees.
Bering Sea bairdi crab quota is nearly 20 million pounds
In fact, sheepshead, black drum and mangrove snapper have a voracious appetite for the mud crab, and the mud crab has proven to be an effective and reliable bait for all three species.
Nursery habitats for many crab and fish species are often found in waters considerably shallower than those frequented by the adult population.
Under this invitation to bid (ITB), ADF&G will contract for the harvest and purchase of Aleutian Islands golden king crab between August 10, 2015 and December 31, 2015, to meet the Aleutian Islands golden king crab test-fishery goal for the crab observer and research programs.
We make a beeline for MICHAEL'S ON EAST'S crab cakes whenever we get a chance, whether we're at a catered event or dining at the restaurant.
He says that on Nov 18, a sea of red crabs started heading down to the ocean after a late afternoon downpour.
KEY WORDS: stone crab, Menippe mercenaria, fisheries management, benthic ecology, reproduction
This summer, though, there were no commercial crab boats harvesting in the harbor, Wellfleet Harbormaster Michael Flanagan said recently.
The annual event features crab-themed activities, including watching crab eat and learning how to clean and prepare crabs for human consumption.
2008) demonstrated that sampling crabs during the latter part of March provided a reliable and consistent measure of inter-year variability in crab abundance at Aransas NWR.