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cozy up

 (to someone)
1. Lit. to snuggle up to someone as if to get warm. The children cozied up to their mother. They cozied up to each other.
2. Fig. to try to get in good with someone; to try to increase one's influence with someone by being extra nice and friendly. The salesman tried to cozy up to the customer.
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cozy up

Try to get on friendly or intimate terms, ingratiate oneself. For example, That new woman is always cozying up to one or another club member so she'll be asked to join . [Mid-1900s]
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cozy up (to someone)

in. to become overly friendly with someone in hope of gaining special favors. Taylor cozied up to the prof, hoping for a good grade at least.
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cozy up

See also: cozy, up
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Eliot's poem "Journey of the Magi" in the gallery, Duwenhogger indicates that the three figures are holy men of sorts, perhaps to be referred in turn to the figures depicted in a small painting in the entryway: Sunday Afternoon shows three workers in a cozily decorated construction trailer whose windows open Onto a view of an austere modern building.
Kylian's latest creations--for all the sleek precision engineering of his dances--are a good deal less cozily romantic than his early works, as NDT's repertoire in Edinburgh demonstrated.
Logline: Charlie (Charlie Sheen, right) is living the good (if terribly shallow) life: Plenty of money, free time, women and booze, with the surf cozily pounding the beach outside his Malibu home.
Horror is in any case a popular American genre, cozily embedded in the flow of media production; if the gothic is subversive, so's Hollywood.
It keeps the heat out during the hot summer and is cozily warm in winter.
Instead of cozily sized, determinedly modernist paintings selected by one curator, the second act, chosen by a squadron led by now former Whitneyite Lisa Phillips, includes everything from a barnful of canvases by the AbExers short-shrifted in Part I to the last word in installation.
This rivalry is cozily considered cross-town, but the emotional gap between USC and UCLA turned into a chasm Saturday.
His interior scenes - from late-'60s pictures like Window at Night, 1969, to his most recent paintings - are poised on a knife-edge between cozily reassuring and quietly dismal.
Mostly, though, ``Into the Sun'' is a perfect installment in the post-Beck pop gallery, where a beautiful and beguiling light stomper called ``Home'' rests cozily against a sleepy bit of bossa nova, some sunny-sweet fluff-pop and some grooving instrumentals.
On the northern end, the British were cozily tucked among the pines, overlooking Wescott Bay.
It depicted a 19th-century couple, cozily leaning across a table.