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cozy up

 (to someone)
1. Lit. to snuggle up to someone as if to get warm. The children cozied up to their mother. They cozied up to each other.
2. Fig. to try to get in good with someone; to try to increase one's influence with someone by being extra nice and friendly. The salesman tried to cozy up to the customer.
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cozy up

Try to get on friendly or intimate terms, ingratiate oneself. For example, That new woman is always cozying up to one or another club member so she'll be asked to join . [Mid-1900s]
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cozy up (to someone)

in. to become overly friendly with someone in hope of gaining special favors. Taylor cozied up to the prof, hoping for a good grade at least.
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cozy up

See also: cozy, up
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The makers of Honeywell portable heaters and scientists at environmental consulting company Environmental Health & Engineering have identified America's coziest cities-and Maine has unseated Massachusetts for the #1 coziest spot.
27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- HOLIDAY 2014 - RUUM American Kid's Wear , known by style-minded parents seeking quality and design they know and love from their own favorite luxury brands, celebrates the whimsy of the holiday season with a travel inspired holiday kid's clothes collection chock full of winter's coziest layering essentials, paired with effortless style.
Many of their exotic discoveries eventually wound up in ``Romancing the Southland,'' Badal's 710-page mash note to SoCal's coziest bistros, loneliest landscapes and biggest flakes, like Kevin Thongpricha, the bell-bottomed, rhinestone-studded ``Thai Elvis'' at the L.
Fashionistas rabidly awaiting the opportunity to score Fall 2010's most important trends now have access to the season's coziest cashmere knits, military-inspired pieces, statement coats, embellished shoes and handbags, leather, fur and faux; plus, chic wear-to-work solutions.
25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- RUUM American Kid's Wear , known by style-minded parents who seek the quality and design they know and love from their own favorite luxury brands, celebrates the whimsy of the holiday season with a travel inspired holiday kids' clothing collection chock full of the winter's coziest layered essentials, paired with effortless style.
Perhaps the coziest idea is to drop in at the Starbucks at 4207 Riverside Drive in Burbank from 5-8 p.
Like several of Manhattan's finest restaurants and coziest diners, Terrace Cafe features a community table as well as a breakfast counter designed for lone diners to feel more comfortable, to say nothing of the social pleasures sitting at the counter affords.
3 ranking as the country's coziest city by The Huffington Post.
Designed to engage family and friends in fun conversation, starter questions include: "Where is the coziest spot in your home?
Makers of Honeywell Heaters identify the Top 10 coziest cities across the country; Boston and San Francisco top the list
How to Buy the Coziest Mattress: Must-know information before you hit the showroom; plus the truth about thread counts and four secrets for longer-lasting linens.
11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- New York-based Concierge Auctions is pleased to announce the pending sale of Riven Rock Ranch - named "Top Ten Best New Places to Stay" by Texas Monthly and "One of the South's Coziest Inns" by Southern Living.
The &uot;February is for Lovers with Heart&uot; auction includes a sampling of prestigious wines in magnum format from four of wine country's coziest vintner couples:
Please, put your coziest hat, coat, mittens and boots on and come down to join in the magic along with 10,000 others in this festive collaboration supporting the 40+ caroling groups that work hard to raise money for a good cause.
Bridget Dunlap - Austin's vivacious nightclub entrepreneur known for developing a mini-empire of hot spots on Rainey Street, the city's coziest new entertainment district - was featured in a recent Sunday edition of The New York Times .