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cozy up

 (to someone)
1. Lit. to snuggle up to someone as if to get warm. The children cozied up to their mother. They cozied up to each other.
2. Fig. to try to get in good with someone; to try to increase one's influence with someone by being extra nice and friendly. The salesman tried to cozy up to the customer.
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cozy up

Try to get on friendly or intimate terms, ingratiate oneself. For example, That new woman is always cozying up to one or another club member so she'll be asked to join . [Mid-1900s]
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cozy up (to someone)

in. to become overly friendly with someone in hope of gaining special favors. Taylor cozied up to the prof, hoping for a good grade at least.
See also: cozy, up

cozy up

See also: cozy, up
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Cozier said that because West Indies were not doing well for some time, the team was not attracting sponsors and the board was not getting the kind of money it needed to ensure that cricket development was pointed in the right direction.
Cozier, 66, was reading out emails from fans of the BBC Radio Four programme during the lunch break at Chesterle-Street.
Comment pieces in more than one newspaper called for the introduction of a foreign coach to instill some discipline in the team, while Cozier said West Indies could only fear what might happen in the fourth Test.
Symmonds and Cozier are not replacing Trueman and Bailey, because they will talk listeners through the action, rather than between overs.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- As the temperatures drop, thousands of less fortunate adults and children across the country could use a warm, clean pair of pajamas to help make their nights cozier.
Islamabad, Aug 7 ( ANI ): Ace commentator Tony Cozier has said that he did not think Brian Lara made a good captain and was still being put back as captain very time by the West Indies Board, because the team was going through a very difficult period.
8 Which female vocalist born Deidre Cozier had a 1978 UK Top Ten hit with Automatic Lover?
Veteran and Little Caesars franchisee, Richard Cozier, opens his doors for business at 1465 Stafford Market Place, Suite 109 in Stafford, Virginia.
As tonight's episode unspools, however, the two invade one another's personal space quite cozily during a number of discussions, suggesting Brennan and Booth will be getting even cozier much sooner than Scully and Mulder did on ``The X-Files.
If it had, they would surely have signed up Tony Cozier, who made old Murray look positively accurate during Canada's game against the West Indies yesterday.
The idea is to make it a lot warmer, a cozier place to be, with cleaner colors," says Segall.
The splendid winning entries in our Dog-house Contest show how far some dog lovers will go to make life even cozier for their furry friends.
State Supreme Court Justice Barry Cozier refused to direct Chase Manhattan Bank to unfreeze $450,000 that remains in Susan Madakor's account until a jury trial determines who should have the money.
Each floor also had a family-style kitchen where staff ate with residents, making meals that much cozier.