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O brindled cow," cried he, in a tone of despair, "do you never mean to stop?
Several persons who happened to see the brindled cow, and Cadmus following behind, began to trudge after her, precisely as he did.
I am pretty well acquainted with the ways of cattle, and I never knew a cow, of her own accord, to go so far without stopping.
The secret of it was, you must know, that the cow was an enchanted cow, and that, without their being conscious of it, she threw some of her enchantment over everybody that took so much as half a dozen steps behind her.
The strangers grew very fond of Cadmus, and resolved never to leave him, but to help him build a city wherever the cow might lie down.
While they were talking of these schemes, and beguiling the tediousness of the way with laying out the plan of the new city, one of the company happened to look at the cow.
But, indeed, since there was no hope of regaining the friends of his boyhood, or ever seeing his dear sister again, Cadmus resolved to make himself happy with these new companions, who had grown so fond of him while following the cow.
The brindled cow, which has led us hither, will supply us with milk.
But do not you suppose that it made Cadmus sorrowful to think of the melancholy fate which had befallen those poor, friendly people, who had followed the cow along with him?
Estrus cycle of dairy cows is between 18- 24 days with 21 days being the average.
While the BJP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) goes out of its way to project cow as 'holy'' and there on the other hand, cows are killed by starvation in the government-owned cow shelter," the press release read.
However, this is not the first instance of humans and cows being married to each other.
It is difficult to maintain cows which are not self-sustaining animals.