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cower down

To crouch or otherwise make oneself smaller, usually out of fear. When I heard that loud bang, I immediately cowered down behind the door.
See also: cower, down

cower (away) from (someone or something)

To move away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cowered from the snake and prayed that it wouldn't see me.
See also: cower

cower (away) from someone or something

to pull away from someone or something in fear. The coyote cowered away from the fire.
See also: cower

cower down (from something)

 and cower down (with something)
to crouch down, displaying an emotion, such as fear. They cowered down with sheer terror. I would cower down from fright in a similar situation.
See also: cower, down

cower from something

to drawback from the fear of something. The wolves cowered from the flames. Some excited hyenas cowered from the lions as they passed by.
See also: cower
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98) These dwarf Iris will cower in late winter to early spring producing large cowers on dwarf stems.
SHOCKED and in pain, a swan cowers in an animal rescue centre after being shot three times with a crossbow.
Photo: (1) A couple cowers in a doorway Friday as police clear the intersection of Victory and Laurel Canyon boulevards.
And she tells of how she now cowers in her own living room,
When he is bullied by his contact at the Russian Embassy into agreeing to blow up the clock at the Greenwich Observatory, Verloc cowers and sulks like a beaten animal, and we are supposed to feel sorry for him.
One of the assaults was caught on CCTV and in these pictures the homeless man cowers as his attacker slams a baseball bat against his head.