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cower down

To crouch or otherwise make oneself smaller, usually out of fear. When I heard that loud bang, I immediately cowered down behind the door.
See also: cower, down

cower (away) from (someone or something)

To move away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cowered from the snake and prayed that it wouldn't see me.
See also: cower

cower (away) from someone or something

to pull away from someone or something in fear. The coyote cowered away from the fire.
See also: cower

cower down (from something)

 and cower down (with something)
to crouch down, displaying an emotion, such as fear. They cowered down with sheer terror. I would cower down from fright in a similar situation.
See also: cower, down

cower from something

to drawback from the fear of something. The wolves cowered from the flames. Some excited hyenas cowered from the lions as they passed by.
See also: cower
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If you're looking to add beautiful colourful cowers to your garden, our fantastic free clematis offer is just the job.
But what lingers in the memory is Prince Edward's look of anger and the sheer terror of those dogs as they cower before his stick.
They are trying to use the slaughter of innocent people to cower us, to frighten us out of doing the things that we want to do, trying to stop us from going about our business as normal, as we are entitled to do and they should not and they must not succeed.
Adult Winner TO US A BOY IS BORN On his mother's knee he cowers, Escaping civil war.
First Wellard gets put to sleep, then Jase gets battered to death while Billy cowers in the shower.
She must have suffered agonising pain and two weeks on, she still cowers in terror whenever men come near her.
FLASHPOINT: Adebayor slides to his knees before rival fans after his goal TROUBLE: Scuffles break out between fans VICTIM: Steward hit by a bottle is treated TERROR: Injured Arsenal fan cowers as her pals try to protect her from missiles
RINGED Girl cowers as Lin gestures but he is tackled while trying to escape
EASTENDERS' womaniser Max Branning cowers in the bedroom with Stacey.
A WOMAN cowers as a bank robber holds a gun to the back of her head.
Our cat just cowers in the corner - his name is Pusscat but we've started calling him Woosscat.
And she tells of how she now cowers in her own living room,