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arch cove

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. The arch cove kept the audience dazzled and distracted while his gang went through and pickpocketed the crowd.
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bang-up cove

obsolete A stylish and well-groomed man who is spendthrift with his money and means. "Bang up" is an obsolete slang word for being extravagant or very fine, and "cove" is a British slang word for a man. My word, that dashing gentleman is certainly a bang-up cove; he has purchased food and drink for all of the patrons in the tavern.
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The Coves at Round Mountain is a very special mountain community and we are excited to partner with Hale Irwin Golf Design and Rick Robbins to create a one-of-a-kind Hale Irwin-designed course for our residents and guests.
For more information about The Coves at Round Mountain, please visit Brandonpr.
The concept of CoVEs is particularly important as CoVEs increase proactive employer and provider engagement to underpin, develop and strengthen innovative and flexible approaches to meet the nation's current and future skills needs.
As a result of this response to the White Paper, the new standard will replace the previous work on the Quality Mark and CoVEs, becoming the LSC's recognised quality requirement in distinguishing the best employer-facing, sector-specialised provision.
For more information about the CoVE in Repair and Refurbishment of Buildings, contact Matt Johnson on 024 7624 3242.
In that same cove, an illuminated page from ``Book of Hours'' (Spitz Master, circa 1420) is blown up on large acrylic panels, with some features and words left blank.
In the heyday of the ranch, steamers had a difficult time dodging the rocks of the cove, so the Spooners built a chute to propel the livestock down from the bluff to a loading wharf.
This conference was the direct result of a steering group got together by the LSC to enable local CoVE representatives a forum to share their thoughts and plans, and this CoVE steering group will continue to grow with further positive initiatives like the conference to come in the future.
Diving is restricted to Whaler's Cove and Blue Fish Cove; all other areas of the reserve are closed to diving.
About four boats were loaded with buckets of fish and sent to adozen coves, where volunteers released the tiny fish in hopes they have a better chance at surviving to reproductive age.
This beach has a swimming-pool-like cove in the shape of a ``C,'' the tips composed of protective reef and nearly touching, and the ocean swells are beaten into submission on that reef.
Our group of three seemed to be the only one that packed light enough to carry everything on our backs, so we found the upper campground deserted once we'd walked the half-mile into Scorpion Canyon from the cove.
The last part of the journey before hugging the shore to the dock was from Sea Cliffs to Catfish Cove.
Jeffrey Bronchick, CFA, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Cove Street Capital (Photo: Business Wire)
Saturday will not be your usual day at the beach for volunteers combing for trash and recyclables from La Conchita to Sycamore Cove and along the margins of inland waterways.