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cover all bases

To be well-prepared for every possible outcome. We need to cover all bases here—check every office and make sure it's been evacuated. I know I don't have the best grades, so I covered all bases by applying to 15 colleges.
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cover (one's) feet

A Biblical euphemism for defecation. (While positioned in that act, one's robe would cover one's feet.) A: "Where is Joe?" B: "Oh, he's in the restroom, probably covering his feet, if you know what I mean."
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under the covers

1. Literally, in one's bed. I'm not going out tonight—I'm already in my pajamas and under the covers!
2. In consort with another, usually secretly (and perhaps scandalously). They may represent different parties, but I think those two politicians are under the covers together. The way he keeps looking at her makes me wonder if they're under the covers together.
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References in classic literature ?
He struck the middle of Menelaus's shield with his spear but could not pierce it, and to save his life drew back under cover of his men, looking round him on every side lest he should be wounded.
He kept stepping forward under cover of his shield in every direction, making trial of the ranks to see if they would give way before him, but he could not daunt the courage of the Achaeans.
Quickly he unlocked the cover, turning it back upon its hinge.
If it had been the purpose of some enemy to delay him, he had succeeded well, thought Carthoris, as he unlocked the cover of the second dial the first having shown that its pointer had not been set at all.
interrupted the discontented trapper, who began to grow a little uneasy that his party was all this time neglecting to seek the protection of some cover.
Come forth from your cover, friend," he continued, in the language of the extensive tribes of the Dahcotahs; "there is room on the prairie for another warrior.
Early in their career, just two years after the sweethearts were married, Marge and Gower Champion were on the cover of Dance Magazine.
Insurers whose sales and distribution are highly dependent on agents and brokers will have to cover those third parties in independent testing programs.
Treasury and IRS officials have informally stated that this provision is meant to cover only advice that unequivocally tells a client not to engage in a transaction.
Chemical attack on covers is dependent on a number of things, only one of which is compatibility of the cover type and material with the prevalent chemical environment.
where more than a third of his 322 Post covers originated.
IGIA manufacturers and sells its proprietary Instant Cover cosmetic product to licensed direct marketers worldwide.
Every time you dedicate your cover to a musician or actor (which is about half the time, by my count), you send a message to young, would-be-black novelists and short story writers that even a magazine dedicated to black books reveres its recording artists more than its writers," wrote Ms.
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