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The top is likewise covered with fish skins, secured by cords passing through holes in the edge of the basket.
The two rivers, about the place of their confluence, are bordered by immense prairies covered with herbage, but destitute of trees.
The horse kept straight along the road through the drifted snow, and before they had gone another hundred yards the straight line of the dark wattle wall of a barn showed up black before them, its roof heavily covered with snow which poured down from it.
By the inflation of its body, the papillae, with which the skin is covered, become erect and pointed.
The whole surface of the water, as it appeared under a weak lens, seemed as if covered by chopped bits of hay, with their ends jagged.
I saw a considerable tract of the ocean thus covered on the coast of Brazil; the seamen attributed it to the putrefying carcase of some whale, which probably was floating at no great distance.
I was still cold when under one of the trees I found a huge cloak, with which I covered myself, and sat down upon the ground.
I covered it carefully with dry wood and leaves and placed wet branches upon it; and then, spreading my cloak, I lay on the ground and sank into sleep.
A great fall of snow had taken place the night before, and the fields were of one uniform white; the appearance was disconsolate, and I found my feet chilled by the cold damp substance that covered the ground.
One part was open, and by that I had crept in; but now I covered every crevice by which I might be perceived with stones and wood, yet in such a manner that I might move them on occasion to pass out; all the light I enjoyed came through the sty, and that was sufficient for me.
Danske Bank has decided to consolidate the ratings of its covered bonds (EUR 25,000,000,000 Global Covered Bond Programme) with two rating agencies.
Those regulations presented many challenges to taxpayers, particularly the elimination of the cost safe harbor and its replacement with the simplified cost-based method, and TEI is gratified that the government responded to TEI's--and other groups'--concerns by, among other things, replacing the SCBM method with a services cost method under which covered services may be charged out at cost and proposing a revenue procedure detailing "specified covered services" eligible for the SCM.
To date, Hefner covered its rolls with calendered sheets according to the winding principle.
Insurers are required to report suspicious transactions totaling at least $5,000 and involving a covered product.
Why, then, should simple and routine tax advice be subject to these covered opinion requirements, if these rules are primarily intended for tax shelter transactions?