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Suggest that players whose skin lesions can't be covered abstain from contact practices or games until the lesions heal or are coverable.
Aside from programmatic flexibility, Title XXI offers States an enhanced Federal matching rate for coveting low-income children previously coverable only under section 1115 authority.
We have to identify situations from the standpoint of outcomes rather than what's coverable," he adds.
In addition, neither program considered apnea, in itself, a coverable 'condition,' even though it was life-threatening.
OVERABUNDANCE OF COVERAGE of everything coverable, making reality disappear even more than it has already for millions of unrealistic people.
SB 129 encourages the implementation of 24-hour coverage programs and SB 130 defines and makes mental stress claims coverable under the state's workers, compensation system.
Such "treatment" is coverable under Federal Medicaid law even if these "treatments" are not contained in the State's Medicaid plan.
Bulky connectors stay behind the wall surface and are coverable when not in use with a paintable dress cover included in the kit for improved aesthetics and security.