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Their gait is slow and deliberate, but so enormous are their strides that, as a matter of fact, they cover the ground quite rapidly.
Just in the same manner as we see at the present day, that very many European productions cover the ground in La Plata, and in a lesser degree in Australia, and have to a certain extent beaten the natives; whereas extremely few southern forms have become naturalised in any part of Europe, though hides, wool, and other objects likely to carry seeds have been largely imported into Europe during the last two or three centuries from La Plata, and during the last thirty or forty years from Australia.
My players are willing to cover the ground but working in a manner that is efficient for the team to perform.
According to the BBC, the Spanish club wants to increase the capacity of Europe's largest football stadium from 99,354 to 105,000, and build a roof to cover the ground.
The snowman MILLIONS of snowflakes Cover the ground Tiny flat shapes None of them round Along came the children Outside at play Pulling sledges, sliding away Rolling a snowball Across the ground Rolling rolling Round and round Growing bigger as they go Now they have A large body of snow Starting again Smaller this time My head now in place I am taking shape Billy is back, coal in hand Now I can see I am feeling grand Buttons on my chest Carrot for my nose A hat a scarf, a smile Completes the show The children happy Go off to play Here I stand for all to see Watching the children Who created me To think I started With falling snow From a tiny snowflake A snowman did grow.
Cover the ground with cloches where early crops are to be sown, to warm up the area before the seeds go in.
It is anything used to cover the ground that will suppress weed growth, conserve moisture, protect the ground from excess warming and provide an esthetically pleasing finish to planting beds.
This would have been a more sophisticated tool for an estate garden, where a smaller blade or cultivator could have been fitted onto the handle to get between closer planted crops, or a large head to cover the ground more economically.
I haven't see anybody for a long time cover the ground so quickly, cover so much ground as he does, and tackle people the way he tackles people, which is an art in itself.
Lake Shore Gold plans an airborne geophysical survey to cover the ground staked around Blakelock property.
n Cover the ground under strawberries with straw or matting to protect fruit from slugs.
We've seen hail cover the ground several times like that.
Moreover, given the limits of time and resources, I think we did manage to cover the ground geographically (from Braga in the north to Setubal in the south and west to the Azores), while also trying to get a feel for the range of work currently going on, especially with the younger generation.
Cover the ground outside with a cloche or sheet of polythene to warm it.
They seem to cover the ground comprehensively but archaeology sensu ANTIQUITY does not feature very much: E.