cover back

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cover your back

  (British, American & Australian) also cover your ass (American & Australian very informal!)
to make sure that you cannot be blamed or criticized later for something you have done The race organizers cover their backs by saying they can't take responsibility for any injuries. I'm gonna cover my ass and get written permission before I go.
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Simply set the cover back in place, replace the four bolts, and the tonneau cover is ready to go.
I was excited to see the Rolling Huts in Methow Valley, Washington, featured on your cover back in December 2010, This past winter, we finally got our chance to stay in them.
He sweeps his hand across the crumbs on the table, sticks the cellophane cover back over the jam jar and fumbles the elastic band over it.
Mr Edwards said the 24-year-old told officers he was "just putting the cover back on", but there was a pungent smell of gas in the air.
Inaccuracy of the cover back with comparing with book back thickness.
Versatile back row Thomas Anderson is named in the squad and, having played second row at Irish schools level, could cover back row and the second row if needed.
Incredibly, when Northumbrian Water engineers arrived to put the drain cover back on, they worked out that the nearest point where the ducklings could have got into the surface water sewer was two miles away, near the Three Mile Inn on the Great North Road.
At the moment it looks like a moonscape; it's going to take five years to get the vegetation cover back and at least 10 years before it's back to what it was before the fire.
Then Tigers' scrum half Chris Leck burst away from a ruck deep in his own territory and kicked over the home defence only for Reece Spee to cover back.