cover against

cover (someone or something) against (something)

1. To protect someone or something. Be sure to cover the flowers against the thunderstorm that's coming.
2. To grant one insurance for a particular problem or scenario. Does our homeowner's insurance cover us against flood damage?
See also: cover

cover someone or something against something

1. to cover someone or something as protection against something. You should cover your ears against the cold. I covered little Jimmy against the night's drafts. I covered myself against the driving rain.
2. Rur. [for an insurer] to provide insurance on someone or something against some peril. The insurance policy covered us against losses. This policy covers your car against theft.
See also: cover
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SANA's reporter said that the Syrian Arab Army continued concentrated operations carried out under heavy fire cover against the dens of al-Nusra and the groups affiliated to it positioned in Eastern Ghouta.
All those elected as independents in the upper house elections would continue to enjoy a legal cover against defection, even if they join political parties that supported their election to the Upper House.
Addressing an American Chamber of Commerce meeting in Nairobi yesterday, CBK governor Patrick Njoroge dismissed fears the shilling will depreciate in the near future, saying the country has sufficient cover against short term shocks.
The head of Lloyd's of London, the world's oldest insurance market, has said that firms are still lacking in insurance cover against cyber threats.
The Committee also recommended that the local administration, Islamabad should cooperate with the University administration in providing security cover against the miscreants and maintaining law and order situation in the institution.
Tenders are invited for Insurance cover against all risks of the Forty Ave (1 to 45) Wakf Properties listed herein below.
This is the best possible cover against the rise of the cynical calculus of violent attackers.
The endorsements' apparent aim is to give Green cover against Garcia's argument that the mostly Hispanic district would be better served with Hispanic congressional representation.
This provides cover against loss or damage to all goods related to a single shipment.
Another outstanding issue in selecting the starting XV is at blindside flanker, although Lancaster has hinted that Tom Wood will swap places with James Haskell after offering substitute cover against Samoa.
PAYING health care customers could soon see an increase in policy costs if insurance companies force private hospitals to fork out more to cover against medical negligence.
Users can benefit from single shipment cargo insurance as it provides cover against loss or damage to all goods related to a single shipment.
The payment protection insurance scandal has made many families vulnerable by putting people off taking out cover against financial upsets.
The source added that the military forces also clashed violently boosted military aviation which provide air cover against the armed groups near Alhalabsah area west of the city.
During the clashes, protesters attempted to use makeshift shield in an attempt to find cover against mobile water cannons.