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Though many stillbirths remain unexplained, medical research supports daily fetal Kick Counting as an effective and reliable way to screen fetal well-being during the third trimester.
Also, information on count-rates contained in the database can be utilised to determine counting times required for given statistical precision.
Poultry counting systems from Gainco can be integrated seamlessly with your existing production operations.
Self-service coin counting depends on technology that can distinguish actual coins from the wide variety of debris commonly found in people's coin jars.
Usually, you just want the greatest variety of species, but today's goal is also to get as accurate a counting of each species as possible, because it's a statistical study,'' Coler said.
Adding to the difficulty is the idea that the uncertainties may change for different types of samples, the standards used, the counting statistics, and the correction factors used to finally determine the concentrations.
Companies that engage in cycle counting commonly estimate inventory shrinkage from the time of the last physical inventory count to year-end (stub period) for both financial and tax accounting purposes.
For the past century, researchers have noted that people can quickly and accurately report the number of a small set of items -- up to about four -- without explicitly counting them.
introduces new AutoCount(TM) automated counting systems for faster and more accurate counting of a conveyorized stream of fresh or frozen poultry and meat items for boxing or bagging.
The Christmas Bird Count began on Christmas Day 1900, when a small group of conservationists began counting the birds they saw - as opposed to the traditional holiday activity of hunting the birds.
Addition and other counting operations rely on several abilities, including the tagging of individual items with an ordered series of numbers and knowing that the number assigned to the last member of a counted set also represents the total number of items in the set.
The AEAT-84AD-LBSF0 with 14-bit resolution is capable of counting up to 16,384 motor shaft revolutions.
Because of the last-minute registrations, many counties had to delay counting absentee ballots in the days prior to the election.
The system is capable of detecting and counting product from 1/8" diameter, 1/8" to 2.
The luck of the draw,'' said Newbury Park resident Babette Lawall, a longtime bird-watcher on her first counting expedition.