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another county heard from

A person (or group of people) who unexpectedly shows up to, gives an opinion on, or contests something. It refers to the counting of ballots on election day, as votes are aggregated by county. Oh great, Mary's here to voice her opinion on the matter, yet another county heard from.
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slang A police officer. The term is typically used on CB radio. Some county-mounty pulled me over for speeding, boys.

another county heard from

An unexpected person has spoken up or arrived on the scene, as in Jane's cousin from California decided to contest the will-another county heard from. This idiom originally alluded to the counting of returns on election night; it appears in that context in Clifford Odets's play, Awake and Sing (1931). However, it may echo the much older phrase, another Richmond in the field, alluding to Henry of Richmond (later Henry VII of England), chronicled in Shakespeare's Richard III (5:4): "I think there be six Richmonds in the field; five have I slain today." Whatever the origin, today it simply refers to an unforeseen participant or attender.
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n. a highway patrol officer. (Citizens band radio.) There’s a county-mounty waiting under that bridge ahead of you.
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Some attribute at least part of the Democratic gains to a surge in the region's Latino population--which increased by nearly 134 percent in the collar counties over the last decade, according to census data.
Note that the state legislature approved the Cross-Indexing Act of 1899 that required all counties to put all their wills in alphabetical order and to produce name indexes that would allow quick and easy access.
While once most of rural America based its economy on agriculture, today only 556 counties derive 20 percent or more of their earned income from farming (see Map 1) .
Targetless counties sent firefighters to Los Angeles County's giant wildfires last year and to the East Bay Hills fire that destroyed more than 3,000 Oakland and Berkeley homes in 1991.
The report noted that because median single-family home prices in Ventura County are higher than those in four of the other six counties studied - with the exception of Orange and Santa Clara counties - higher compensation could be ``expected.
I think it really highlights that most counties do have limited resources, and service demands are high,'' she said.
The commission would determine whether services provided by Los Angeles, Kern and San Bernardino counties are adequate and fair, and would investigate the financial feasibility of creating a High Desert County.
After all, the tax money residents in those areas generate for their respective counties is too much to give up easily.
Also, male Indians living in the worst South Dakota counties have a life expectancy of just 56.
Attorneys for the Board of Retirement said not so, and based their argument on a 1983 decision that 20 California counties had followed for the last 14 years.
In particular, she said neighboring counties don't offer an emergency plan for the evacuation of animals in the event of fire, flood or earthquake.
The Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved the addition of a full-time planner to monitor the Newhall Ranch Community, a residential project planned for 12,000 acres straddling the border of Ventura and Los Angeles counties.