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another county heard from

A person (or group of people) who unexpectedly shows up to, gives an opinion on, or contests something. It refers to the counting of ballots on election day, as votes are aggregated by county. Oh great, Mary's here to voice her opinion on the matter, yet another county heard from.
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another county heard from

An unexpected person has spoken up or arrived on the scene, as in Jane's cousin from California decided to contest the will-another county heard from. This idiom originally alluded to the counting of returns on election night; it appears in that context in Clifford Odets's play, Awake and Sing (1931). However, it may echo the much older phrase, another Richmond in the field, alluding to Henry of Richmond (later Henry VII of England), chronicled in Shakespeare's Richard III (5:4): "I think there be six Richmonds in the field; five have I slain today." Whatever the origin, today it simply refers to an unforeseen participant or attender.
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n. a highway patrol officer. (Citizens band radio.) There’s a county-mounty waiting under that bridge ahead of you.
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Some attribute at least part of the Democratic gains to a surge in the region's Latino population--which increased by nearly 134 percent in the collar counties over the last decade, according to census data.
Note that the state legislature approved the Cross-Indexing Act of 1899 that required all counties to put all their wills in alphabetical order and to produce name indexes that would allow quick and easy access.
When counties that submit few animals for rabies testing are surrounded by counties with high numbers of submissions, underreporting is suspected.
While once most of rural America based its economy on agriculture, today only 556 counties derive 20 percent or more of their earned income from farming (see Map 1) .
Other Bay Area counties also got fewer dollars per target than many other California counties.
The district includes portions of the counties of Gratiot, Isabella and Midland (the counties) in the central portion of Michigan's lower peninsula.
Spanning the borders of the county as well as neighboring Marion and Lake counties, the Villages is currently at about 50% build-out, with full build-out expected in 2012.
It also recommends putting the lawyers' wages on par with those in the County Counsel's Office, a practice common in six other California counties studied.
While California's wealthiest counties generally scored better than the rest, Hill said performance varied widely from county to county.
Westchester County, just north of New York City, is one of the nation's most affluent counties.
Instead of making it easier to put the question of a new county before voters, the rewritten bill would create a commission to study the services received by desert residents of Los Angeles, Kern and San Bernardino counties, and to evaluate the financial feasibility of creating a new county.
The county gas tax and constitutional fuel tax are distributed to counties based on a formula comprising three factors: land area, population, and locally generated revenues.
has merit,'' but he is also concerned that the new county could find itself as financially strapped as existing counties.
0% is still lower than all New Mexico counties, the City of Albuquerque (6.
counties live on average until around age 83, while men in a south-central portion of South Dakota, where there are two Indian reservations, have life expectancies of only 61 years.