count (one's) blessings

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count (one's) blessings

To reflect on the good things in one's life and be grateful for them. I know you're disappointed that you didn't come in first, but so many other incredible things have happened to you this year. Count your blessings, my darling. I try to count my blessings every day—it's a great antidote to sadness!
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count your blessings

be grateful for what you have.
2003 The Hindu: Literary Review At forty you ruminate. Mostly about life and what it has done to you. At forty you count your blessings. And accept the bitter dollops that have been flung your way.
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count your ˈblessings

realize how lucky you are and not complain: Stop looking so miserable and count your blessings! At least you’ve still got a job and somewhere to live.
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ENGLAND fans should count their blessings because they are being entertained by some 'once-in-a-generation' players.
Tragic stories often focus on themes of eternal love, and this leads viewers to think about their loved ones and count their blessings," notes Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, lead author of the study and associate professor of communication.
Yes, they should count their blessings they live in this country, because if they voiced their adverse comments in some countries that have a ruler, president or dictator they would be found guilty of treason.
PEOPLE in Birmingham are being urged to count their blessings with a daily tweet throughout Lent.
It's a time for families and friends to gather, to give gifts, to enjoy life, to count their blessings.
But he called on the Arabs to count their blessings because the changes are expected to be beneficial for areas closer to the equator, including that in which the Arab world is located.
Here in the Bitterroot Valley where five rivers come together, Campbell and Carreno have learned to be resourceful and count their blessings.
WEDDED BLISS:; Glam duo Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones should count their blessings and stop moaning
When they count their blessings, you can be sure they place each other near the top of their lists.
Why can't people count their blessings - no matter how small - instead of grumbling all the time.
We encourage those not harmed by the floods to count their blessings -- and to think of the Red Cross in the process.
Or do women of my age just count their blessings for having a reasonably happy marriage?
So Valley residents might count their blessings that the 818 area code remains a fixture here.
Arguing that freedom is as necessary to humans as water, Michael Gardner wrote a winning essay that encourages Americans to be thankful for the freedom to count their blessings.
In the meantime, Dons fans should count their blessings.