couldn't be better

(I) couldn't be better.

Inf. I am fine. John: How are you? Jane: Couldn't be better. Bill: I hope you're completely well now. Mary: I couldn't be better.
See also: better

(It) couldn't be better.

 and (Things) couldn't be better.
Everything is fine. John: How are things going? Jane: Couldn't be better. Bill: I hope everything is okay with your new job. Mary: Things couldn't be better.
See also: better
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Compared to where she has been, where she is couldn't be better.
Electrical contractors across North America are striving to find the right formula for success and the timing of this launch couldn't be better," said Terry Nicholson, ESI president.
This city is perfect and the weather couldn't be better.
With the renewed interest in gold and the high demand for base metals in China, the company's timing couldn't be better for entering into the resource sector and being in such close proximity to a world-class mineral deposit.
Simek, ASN chairman and chief executive officer (and like all ASN executives, a dedicated pilot himself), the timing for The Air & Space Network's launch couldn't be better.