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People told us it couldn t happen, it couldn t be done but we did it.
This reflection couldn t cover the US innumerable crimes all over the world, particularly in the Middle East," Vahidi added.
You couldn t even recognise the front of the train," Ian Atkinson, who rushed to the scene from his workplace, told the ABC.
YOU SAY CFir wpwprprmlolohw I couldn't I coco luldn't I ld 't it couldn quite beli thltt t quitequiteq e believe the letter fr h nwhowas g r boyfriend from the woman moaning that her Elvis bl l ?
But organisers Icon Media said they couldn not guarantee tickets would be delivered safely in time for the event because of the strike.
We couldn t be happier that Rich Pirrotta has joined Logicalis, says Logicalis US CEO, Vince DeLuca.
We couldn t ask for a better team to carry the Northern Lights flag in the UK and beyond.
For Michel (Germaneau) we tried but we couldn t find the group that held him, we couldn t propose anything.
On behalf of the A&R team we couldn t be happier to have her join the WARNER/CHAPPELL family and look forward to helping bring her songs to life .
We couldn t be more thrilled to have been selected by such a revered and truly leading operation as Kroon ; having our unique, true 3D games showcased by Kroon Casino is a huge coup for us, said Anthony Locke, BetSoft s head of product development.
Ramirez said: After 33 years in one industry as a top-level executive, I couldn t envision being so excited to switch over and have such a great opportunity at Halifax Health.
I can deal with the pain but once it locked up I couldn t move back or through.
I couldn t put my mind on the match," Zvonareva said.
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