could hear a pin drop

you could hear a pin drop

to be extremely quiet The new sound-proof lab is so well designed, you can hear a pin drop. You could have heard a pin drop for a full minute after every song and then the audience would clap wildly.
See also: could, drop, hear, pin
References in classic literature ?
The referee was lookin', too, an' the house was that quiet, lookin', you could hear a pin drop.
2012 YOU could hear a pin drop at the Groucho Club in London on Tuesday when Brit actor Jason Statham's lady-love, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, came face-to-face with her ex Tyrone Wood and his mum Jo Wood while out for girlie drinks.
YOU could hear a pin drop at the Groucho in in i London on Tuesday w ac a tor Jason Statham's mo m del Rosie Huntingto ca c me face-to-face wit ro r ne Wood and his m wh w ile out for girlie d But, alas, everyon up u and a scene wa My mole said: "ea e ch other an st s opped an Ev Ev E entually Ro an an a d said h An An A ti-clima But, alas, everyone was a grownup and a scene was averted.
And that's why you could hear a pin drop when she was asked to say a few words in the cafeteria a couple of weeks ago.