could care less

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could care less

Does not care about something at all. The phrase is a colloquial version of "could not care less." Fine, I could care less what you do! Good riddance! You're going out with my ex-boyfriend? Great. I could care less.
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(I) could(n't) care less.

Inf. It doesn't matter to me. (The less bears the heaviest stress in both versions. Despite the apparent contradiction, either reading of this—both the affirmative and negative—usually have the same meaning. The exception would be in a sentence where the could bears the heaviest stress: I COULD care less, [but I don't.].) Tom: The rain is coming! The carpet will get wet! Mary: I couldn't care less. Bill: I'm going to go in there and tell off the boss? John: I could care less.
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could(n't) care less

[one is] unable to care at all; it does not matter at all. John couldn't care less whether he goes to the party or not. I could care less if I live or die.
See also: care, could, less
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I could care less about a stinky man, but for the macho, horny homos who are in heat for one, I suggest going to skid row for a smorgasbord of them.
Clearly if one could care less, there must already be some level of caring.
Nobody could care less at the moment about being caught.
I think assigning too much homework is a way for our school system to excuse itself for taking so much classroom time to please students who could care less.
Most people could care less what's under the hood of their computers--whether the microprocessor is a 386, a 486, a DX or an SX.
What is most interesting about this new data is not only that telcos topped cable in triple-play preference, but that another one-third of PayTV subscribers could care less which company provided their video, Internet, and telephone services," said Michael Greeson, CEO and co-author of the report.
He could care less about sitting in some cube all day, trying to hook up his 15th free backpack, and would rather slam his dick in the ice chest than worry about which Nike colorway is coming in the mail next (and how quickly he could get it on eBay.
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