couch in

couch (something) in (something)

To convey something very deliberately by saying it in a particular way or with particular wording. That professor always manages to couch her criticism in kind words, so I'm never too upset by her negative feedback.
See also: couch

couch something in something

to express something in carefully chosen or deceptive words. He tended to couch his explanations in arcane vocabulary. She couched her words in an overly polite manner.
See also: couch
References in classic literature ?
She sank on her knees before a little couch in the darkest corner of the room.
Every place seemed unsatisfactory, but worst of all was his customary couch in the study.
Marjorie Chakravarti, 72, got the couch in 1992 from a GP centre in Todmorden, West Yorks, where Shipman began his lethal career.
the morning, I left my couch in Tatamagouche, and that has made a big
A week ago she changed her online profile and now she is ready to host a traveler on her new brown couch in her house in Worcester.
The 131-year-old company has embarked on this impressive growth under the stewardship of owner, chairman and chief executive Michael Sandford-Couch, who took over from his father Stuart Couch in 1995.
Dolly attend her daughter's first day as a hard-core actor and as we hear copulatory groans emanating from a couch in the distance the camera pulls back into an indifferent, deserted patio.
A confirmed Democrat, he won Hoover's admiration as a man who was willing to put aside political partisanship when national emergencies demanded unified action," James Olson wrote of Couch in a 1973 Arkansas Historical Quarterly article.