cost dear

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cost somebody dear

if something that someone does, especially something stupid, costs them dear, it causes them a lot of problems Later that year he attacked a photographer, an incident that cost him dear.
See count the cost, and hang the cost
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It was again a case of missed doubles for Lowe, whose failure to check out from winning positions cost dear for the threetime former world champion.
Frank's Time Race 1 Gulfstream Drops into the claiming ranks for this second start after being cost dear by a slow start on debut at Hawthorne.
He displayed the virtue of patience on a slow surface as rashness from others cost dear.
United should have gone on and won comfortably from there, but lack of concentration at the back cost dear, Keen twice getting through on goal to score.
Why it will cost dear to talk to firms on opt-out list
THE silence of Samajwadi Party ( SP) president Mulayam Singh Yadav on Monday's National Investigation Agency ( NIA) raid in Azamgarh's Sanjarpur village may cost dear to him in the Lok Sabha elections.