correspond to

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correspond to (something)

To match or correlate to something. Does this character in the book correspond to one in the movie, or did they eliminate him completely?
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correspond to something

to match up with something; to harmonize with something. This pin on this part corresponds to the receptacle on the other part it fits into.
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Fixed salary: The fixed salary for Group management officials shall correspond to market rates and shall be based on competence, responsibility and performance.
45) may contain singularities, and they can be divided into three categories that respectively correspond to three different types of wave front arrivals: 1) The body waves relevant to the regular reflected rays which are determined from the singularities of [partial][phi]/[partial]y = 0,2) The interface waves, including Rayleigh surface waves, Stoneley interface waves, and the other possible leaky waves, which are determined from the singularities of [[DELTA].
Moore was able to show that his games, which he calls "generalized shifts," correspond to dynamical systems known as iterated maps, which researchers sometimes use to model physical systems.
In 1970, British evolution scientist John Maynard Smith extended the idea of adaptive landscapes to what he called "protein space" -- a multidimensional mathematical construct whose points correspond to each of the protein sequences of designated lengths that can be built using the 20 amino acids that serve as the proteins' molecular building blocks.
UltraInternational ProFund seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to double (200%) the daily price performance of the MSCI EAFE(R) Index.
The compensation models shall unify the Group, be simple, long-term and quantifiable and shall correspond to market rates.
5m) intersected by hole 1288-03-07 and the second one located at 60m to the north of the first one, could correspond to the tuffite at the top of the Watson Lake Rhyolite.
The certificates with an 'I' prefix and the class AR and AR-L certificates correspond to the group I mortgage loans.
On a fully diluted basis, the shares controlled by Powerwave correspond to 96.
The senior certificates whose class designation begins with 'I' correspond to Pool I.
The K-QA and L-QA classes which correspond to the B-note of this loan will remain on Rating Watch Negative as Fitch is monitoring the releasing activity at the property.
Out of this amount, EUR 13,189 million correspond to ENDESA without Enersis, and EUR 6,699 million to Enersis's third party debt.
The subscription price per share for the warrants shall correspond to 200 % of the average bid price for the company's shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange during the period November 2, 2001 - November 15, 2001.
The number of swap agreements correspond to slightly more than 10 percent of the shares outstanding and during the day, Svenska Handelsbanken released information about its holding in accordance with disclosure regulations.