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correlate with (something)

To agree with or correspond to something. Those results just don't correlate with the data from our previous experiments. Does this chart correlate with the information given in the report?
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correlate something with something

to match or equate something with something else. Can you correlate her comment with what she said yesterday? The scientist could not correlate the new data with his hypothesis.
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correlate with something

to match or equate with something. This does not correlate with your earlier story. What she said yesterday does not correlate with what she is saying today.
See also: correlate
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Determining the mixing characteristics in a Brabender laboratory mixer correlates with factory mixing but is difficult to use as a control test in a production plant.
Once again, hardiness was not found to correlate with ethnicity/race variables suggesting all levels of hardiness are found equally among all such backgrounds.
If measured dimensions do not correlate with predicted ones, the model is updated on a computer to accommodate the characteristics of the new press, and again downloaded to the machine.
Step by step, the robot learns to correlate its camera positions with a randomly specified arm placement.
While geographical remoteness also plays a role, it is genetic distance that most strongly correlates with how rich or poor a nation will be.
1 version which is three years old) or had out-of-date signature sets (MARS was unable to recognize and correlate a SourceFire signature that had been released on 09 August 2006).
Not only is this version 10 times more scalable -- it has the power to analyze and correlate over 22,900 unique real-time data streams in less than a minute on a single CPU machine -- it has the ability to monitor any business metric in an IT environment, regardless of the source, providing customers with the most customizable, robust BSM solution available.
Counterpane now extends to Oracle and Microsoft SQL database users the same protection against unauthorized activity, while empowering them to improve compliance with the ability to monitor, correlate and audit transactions pertinent to meeting privacy law requirements, such as those in California SB1386 and similar privacy laws in twenty-one other states, EU Privacy Act, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, and so forth.
With the Netuitive integration, Oracle Enterprise Manager customers are provided with a comprehensive performance monitoring solution that can automatically analyze and correlate performance data in real-time, increasing overall productivity and decreasing costs.
With more than 150 customers, Netuitive's real-time analysis software gives companies the ability to automatically track, correlate and understand any business and systems data, enabling organizations to see in real-time how infrastructure performance issues affect overall IT service health and make critical business decisions accordingly.